Charleston with my Chums

The heat has started to settle in Savannah, so we decided to make a trip for an activity that is guaranteed air conditioned….shopping.  There is so much to love about Savannah, but the shopping experience is not one of the top ten reasons to visit.  They are working on it, but not there yet, and so off we travelled with threatening skies to Charleston!

SKidaway Island

Sister cities and only two hours apart.  The South Carolina low country looks just like ours.  But their King Street shopping has it all over Broughton St.  Not to say that Broughton Street has not been revitalized!  It has, but it is still not up to Charleston standards.  I love shoes, and there were many options.  I love to visit galleries, but I only found one, open by appointment.  Okay, maybe Savannah takes the nod on that score?

Jewelry?  Check.Clothing? Check.  Handbags? Check.  

We had lunch at Toast.  I remember the best grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, ever.  But it is no longer on the menu…a disappointment.  But it was still an easy luncheonette experience and a cool way for us to revive before we hit the streets again.  More shopping…yes, shopped until we dropped, and still didn’t get to either end of King Street!  We didn’t even have time to stop at Trader Joes.  WHy oh why, Mr. Trader Joe, wont you open in Savannah?  No time to stop at Costco, even though we were prepared with iced Yeti coolers!  We headed South for Savannah, our new hometown.  But isn’t it just like Charleston to show us their colorful side by way of a turquoise house as we left her pretty streets?

The chums decided that the next time we crave a shop til we drop day, we will invite the spouses and stay overnight.  Maybe drinks on a roof top?

And then a Southern dinner and a welcoming hotel room?  We have stayed at the Mills House and the Planters Inn, but next visit it may be the Wentworth Mansion…heard they would truly fit the bill for this group.  Any other recommendations from my readers?

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Welcome Weekly Weeder

One of the first activities I volunteered for in Savannah was helping out at a place called Sparrow Field where a small group of gardeners, funded by Skidaway Audubon and other altruistic organizations, created a beautiful garden on a berm that separated a golf green from a beautiful wild field.  The drive in to the parking area is quiet and peaceful.    The opportunity to create a pollinator garden and bring butterflies and other beneficial insects was seized upon, and the valuable work done there is appreciated by many.

 One of the first sights of the day!  This is what we all long to see….  A caterpillar using this plant as a host plant to fuel its journey to butterfly status.

Now Georgia gets pretty darn hot in the summer so not all summer Friday mornings will be as pleasant as today.  But the word will go out as the sun rises higher and hotter, to come earlier in the morning and beat the worst heat of the day.  The area I weeded today was below a bluebird house.   I remained as quiet as could be and slowed my weeding motions so as to not frighten the parents flying in and out.

All of you gardeners out there, understand what a morning this was….bliss!

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