Pansies and Snaps

I like the term ‘climate change’ rather than ‘global warming’.  After the cold April (and Winter!) we’ve had all over the U.S., the naysayers remark that the globe is getting colder, not warmer.  But you can’t argue too much with the changes in climate.  This past April was one of the coldest on record in Savannah GA.  But it did not stop the pansies and the snapdragons from blooming.  And the herbs started indoors in the deep chill of February  can now go outside for the sunshine.  Here is the crazy overlap of bloom time…. the hibiscus just popped too!  My garden journal was once a place to go to assure myself that things were proceeding as they should.  Now it just looks crazy!  Except for the gaura, thankfully the whirling butterflies are behaving just as they should.

Ahhhh, Spring!

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Tales from Telfair

Blogs should be of the moment. A quick look, not a well researched and deep look…though sometimes it happens to look that way…not so much here on Weed Street. But as I am cleaning up my photo files, I wanted to share this event, now History.

Blooms last but a few days, and such is the case when Telfair Museum is adorned with floral arrangements that celebrate select paintings. Telfair is a wonderful museum in the heart of historic Savannah and never more fascinating than when floral designers interpret a painting. The painting will last long, but the floral artist’s work is fleeting….


The blooms are long gone, but the impressions remain!

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Trucking on Skidaway Island

Living on an Island in the South is bliss. Imagine a beautiful home like this, overlooking a river that runs to the sea….but! there are no restaurants on the Island.  Well, one pub and a few country club dining rooms.  No complaints, but maybe you are feeling the need for variation?  What to do?

Savannah is becoming known for their innovative Food Trucks.  Here are two that came to the Island recently.  I tried the Classic Grilled Cheese.  Maybe not a food group on your latest diet, but it was PERFECT!


You know what else I will call perfect?  Taking a ride on my bike and finding this growing by the side of the road!  Happy growing!

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Awaiting Spring in Savannah

Our last Frost date in Savannah is thought to be March 15th.  This past Winter has proven to be colder than cold with sustained freezing temperature going on for day after day, evening after evening, for longer than even the old timers recall.  So I am biding my time with just a few basil seeds planted at the window sill, and early hopes went with the newly planted peas and lettuce at the Farm.  I have fire ants trying once again to make my plot their home, so I have stayed away for a few days.  My nasty method of pouring boiling water on their hills will hopefully make the survivors agree to pack up and move elsewhere.  All of these variables, such as frost and fire ants, will partially determine my success with the Spring planting.

While waiting to get back into the garden,  we bought a ticket to have ONE treasure appraised during the Savannah Antiques and Architecture week-end.  While I went more to support the charity than learn the true value of my treasure, I have to say I was very disappointed in the appraisers estimate.  Having been in the antiques trade myself for nearly two decades, I feel I could have challenged him, but why bother?  It was an event to raise funds, meet celebrities and enjoy the charm of historic Savannah, after all.  ANd the event delivered on all of that!  What a lovely day it was to stroll the squares, and marvel at the azaleas just about to burst into full glory.  On the drive home, we stopped by Bonaventure Cemetery, one of Savannah’s jewels.  Yes, I have said it before, a cemetery is unlikely place to want to spend an early Spring afternoon.  However, Bonaventure is like many rural cemeteries in the United States that were planned not just as final resting places, but as beautifully planned parks in rural areas.

The townspeople were provided these beautiful open spaces as a respite to their hard-working lives, and as places to not only respect and remember their loved ones, but to celebrate the great outdoors.   My grandfather,  grandmother and father have their final resting place in such a rural cemetery.  Their monument overlooks the mighty Hudson River and the hills that rise from her shores, where one can reflect on life and take time to remember.  The monuments at Bonaventure are extraordinary and  have an artistic appeal that is admired by many. In fact the Telfair Museums just opened a small but engaging exhibit at their Jepson Museum.  It should not be missed!  The Bird girl, known to all as the cover girl on John Berendt’s “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” has been moved to the Museum and is on special display during the run of the exhibit. (She was actually moved quite some time ago, as the book became popular, there was some worry over her safety in the Bonaventure Cemetary.)  Because my visits to this blog have become spare,(and I might not get back to it for a while!) let me try to hold your attention a minute more, and end with something I found while at the exhibit.  An old design for the planting around a plot at Bonaventure!  One reason people love to take visitors to the cemetery is to view the landscape, adorned with azaleas, camellias, crepe myrtles and other specimen plantings.  I admire  this plan, but back then, the designer did not know what a nuisance the ivy (Hedera helix) would become!  It is as bad as kudzu!  I’ve heard that some people mow it down with lawn mower and still it persists.  Takes over the world if allowed.  After our short visit, we descended the grand staircase at the Jepson museum,  drove home from our “city visit”  where we always admire the architecture. Happy Spring Savannah!

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2 * 0 * 1 * 8 * BE * BETTER

On the Eve of a New Year a fresh start looms wide in front of us. Who can deny those yearnings to make this next year better? Maybe you’re not courageous enough to say the best, but let’s promise ourselves something better than the past.



Take a plunge, as freely as a small shy bird into a puddle of water standing amongst the lantana in December.  An unlikely spot to find fresh water, but there it is!  Why not reach for the moon and imagine writing that book you always thought your blog would lead to at some point?   Or perhaps you want to push just beyond your comfort range and strive for the Garden column to explode with new ideas, while the photography opens a new vision of the garden.  Okay, maybe that is just me!  What do you imagine?

I wish my readers and fellow bloggers an exciting eve of exploring their desires to become better in 2018!  May your resolution, whether lofty or practical, lead you on a good, maybe better, path.

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Christmas Is Coming

When the bugs of the season arrive at your door, and I don’t mean the ones you can see, they can put a cramp in your merriment!  A long week end with cold, damp weather and a bug, kept me bedridden.  If you have to endure cold, dreary days, you may as well get a double dose of misery, and suffer a virus.

Today the sun is out, the temperatures have risen and I felt well enough to go downtown.

I am so glad some homeowners have Christmas decor on display.

It surely perked me up and made the spirit of Christmas

 that we all yearn for,

come alive.

“A Merry Christmas to us all, God bless us, everyone!”  Oh, Tiny Tim, we need you now more than ever!

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Name Change

Sticks and stones may break the bones, but words will never hurt ye.   Even still, Jayne is no longer on Weed Street.  Jayne is in Georgia. Savannah Georgia to be precise!   Change is good, and so I have decided to really leave Weed Street behind.  It was ironic that an inveterate gardner such as myself, would chance to move into a house on WEED Street in 2000.  Despite its association for a now, almost, legal drug, weed is thought mostly to refer to those plants that show up unwanted in your carefully planned garden!  The irony seemed forced, now that I live in this subtropical environment of coastal Georgia.  Jayne left Weed Street and it seems time to change the name of the blog! Georgia is a big state, and I have not ventured to all her corners, but I hope to!  While my blog years on Weed Street were sweet, I now look forward to finding the sweetness here in Georgia!

Dear Readers, I hope I don’t lose you as I leave Weed Street behind, and plant my blog in Georgia! I will hopefully get fewer searches for the legal substance arriving at my blog door and more just arriving for the fun of my blog!  Onward to the magic of Christmas and beyond!

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Garden Touring in November

There are so many reasons to love living in the low country in November, such as oyster roasts, shrimp fresh from the waters til December, and festivals of every sort right up through Christmas.  But I would not have expected a garden tour.  And yet, there is still so much growing….and camellia season is not even at its peak for quite a while!

Touring the gardens… there was a little cheating as far as live plants, or not, in window boxes.  So if that was blue thunbergia vine, I might not take a closer look.  But blue wisteria? that gave me pause and a giggle.  You’ve probably seen some hideous artificial flowers plunged in window boxes for Winter and scoffed.   But, truly, this was done with artistry and good design.  Mixing the sweet potato vine and the gorgeous fern with the silk flowers made it all work.


The grass is still green, sago palms, live oaks and saw palmettos and smooth lagoons thrill even my old tired garden touring eyes!  In the plant world, there is always some new way of looking at things.  I discovered new vistas while touring this garden.

Even the Spanish moss does its job to festoon old trees and frame a new colorful Autumn bed.

As we approach one of the most iconic  of American holidays, let us be grateful.  In Georgia, I am grateful for a new way of touring gardens…in November.

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Memories come on wings

The spell of swaying Savannah shadows

lift the  memories never fleeing

a beloved father’s pain ended by Death

Giving grief second place to relief

A beautiful friend’s agony snatched away

by that unwelcome visitor, not invited

Loss slowly replaced by the mind’s eye sight

Fleeting beauty on strong wings that lift



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Autumn Arrives in Savannah

Autumn arrives in Savannah between humid, sultry days and close nights when the air doesn’t move enough to even sway a long piece of Spanish moss hanging motionless from  live oaks and vines.  Today was such a moment, when the skies were bluer than blue, and the daring contrast of strong sun and deep shadows gave an unreal atmosphere to this old city.


Such a lovely hour as we poked through old maps and botanical prints in this venerable shop.  

A most charming couple, with a darling cavalier King Charles spaniel (as if there was any other kind) introduced us to their abode and a tour of their incredibly and richly appointed home.  A lifetime of collecting was evident and admired.


Even Forsyth Park’s iconic fountain looked more handsome on a day that pronounced Autumn in Savannah!

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