Very Versailles

Travel with Anita and her blog pals at Castles, Crowns and Cottages.  I am joining in on this fabulous blog journey to France! Trip to Paris, Cliveden May 2008 029 Leap from the soaring gargoyles in Paris  to  Versailles.  Trip to Paris, Cliveden May 2008 073 Here you can immerse yourself in the quintessential French garden.Trip to Paris, Cliveden May 2008 136 Water, Earth and Sky meet where colossal sculpture defines a space.  Trip to Paris, Cliveden May 2008 119The Grand Trianon  provides shelter from hot sun and rain for a King or a Queen, or you. Do you know your  Louis XIV from your Louis XVI?  Louis XIII was apt to use the land to hunt while the Sun King had grand notions of taming nature and with the plans of Le Notre brought order to a chaotic World.  Then came Bien-aime, the beloved Louis XV.  DSCN4496 Find history at Versailles in the gardens.  Two great books to catch you up are: The Gardens of Versailles by Pierre-Andre Lablaude and Marie-Antoinette and the Last Garden at Versailles by Christian Duvernois. Getting lost at Versailles is a dream.Trip to Paris, Cliveden May 2008 141 One day at Versailles is not enough; expect a call to return.  Maybe someday…. DSCN4492Visit through books and photographs, paintings and sculptures.  But to see it and smell it and FEEL it is sublime; you must be there!  Paris at night with the lights is divineTrip to Paris, Cliveden May 2008 184but by morn, escape to Versailles where the garden of Kings is open to all!  Visit with Anita’s fans;  we are all aboard her train to France as she directs the journey!! Bon voyage!Trip to Paris, Cliveden May 2008 090   P.S.  Please also join in at Roses and Other Gardening Joys for the May Book Reviews!

About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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26 Responses to Very Versailles

  1. Anita Rivera says:

    Oh Jayne….what can I say but that I am having the TIME OF MY BLOG LIFE HERE! The photos you have chosen illustrate the specific details of French design that I have implemented in my home and garden. I have a black and white checkered floor in my kitchen and dining room, my garden is lush green boxwood embellished with stone and statuary, and the spirit of France lives there. THANK YOU for this beautiful stop as we make our way through the country of France, a place where dreams never die. COME ON OVER! Anita


  2. Sandy says:

    Hi Jayne! I am so happy to discover your blog through Anita’s link party. What beautiful photos of Versailles!! I read a few of your older posts and I think we are neighbors – are you in Connecticut also? I am now following you and am looking forward to reading past and future posts!! Have a lovely weekend!


  3. Magnifiques images …


  4. The angel statue is beautiful standing against the clouds. I have a thing for cloud pictures, and this one has made my heart sing.

    It’s nice to meet new friends.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


  5. We were lucky enough to go to Paris last year. We saw Versailles and the gardens were very grand. However, Giverny was by far our favorite.


  6. Lynne says:

    Your images are spectacular!
    I visited Versailles when I was seventeen. Thank you for bringing it’s splendor back to my heart!
    I am so pleased to meet you.


  7. Marie Antionette says:

    I just loved this post.I think the statues are gorgeous.In my own yard I have gorgoyes and unicorns.Love them.Thank you for sharing these with us,
    Marie Antionette


  8. It;s Me says:

    Welcome in France…nice to see you here…….love to do this together…Anita is such a good friend to all of us…enjoy the weekend love Ria…xxx…


  9. Karen Albert says:

    Jayne thank you for a most lovely post on the Gardens at Versailles! The sculptures are fabulous!
    Come with me on my adventure in France.
    life, possibilities, grace
    a beautiful dream…

    Art by Karena


  10. Judy says:

    Truly lovely photos of The Gardens at Versailles.. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Judy


  11. Holleygarden says:

    Oh, I just love looking at photos of Versailles, and have always dreamed of going. It looks completely and splendidly magnificent. Since I’m not certain I will ever get to go in person, I will definitely be checking out these books! Thanks so much for joining in!


  12. Barbara says:

    What lovely images, Jayne! Brings back so many memories. I’m loving Anita’s Paris Party…meeting bloggers that are new to me. Your posts are wonderful. Looking forward to reading more of them.


  13. I too love looking at photos of Versailles and daydream about one day going! It seems such a wondrous place…


  14. Sarah says:

    Jayne, Thank you for taking us on a trip to Versailles it is one of the places on my wish list. i will check out those books too. I had a quick peek at some of your other posts too and enjoyed seeing lots of plants too.
    Sarah x


  15. You are so correct, 1 day is not enough to see Versailles and the grounds. Not if you love architecture, regal-ness, and formal gardens. Beautiful!


  16. I agree, one day in Versailles is not enough. I went many, many years ago but would LOVE to return. In the meantime, its wonderful to look at the beautiful images you’ve captured!


  17. How timely. Our next door neighbours came back from a 5 week stay in France and have been telling me about the beauty of this country. To see Versailles is on my bucket list, but in the mean time you have recommended a couple of good books in case I don’t make it.


  18. Jayne, you have questions about rhubarb etc. but your comment is a ‘noreply’ status and I don’t see an email contact on your blog.
    Will you email me at please so I can reply with your answers.


  19. Carol Cook says:

    Lovely photos evoking lovely memories.


  20. Carolyn says:

    Lovely to discover your blog, via Anita’s party.
    The photos of Versailles are gorgeous and thanks for sharing



  21. Anne says:

    What wonderful photos, esp the statue with the beautiful wisps of cloud above it. Thank you for visiting me, I’m also glad to meet you via Anita’s party. Isn’t it a great idea!


  22. So, are you actually in France or are those photos from the book? I’m embarrassed to ask this question, but I wasn’t sure. In either case, you obviously have a strong design sense and have me longing for a trip to France. Love the diagonal tile floor and the angle of the photo!


    • Except for Photo #5 and Photo #7,(the books) the photos are from the one trip we took to Paris a couple years ago. So you are right…I have a longing to return!!!! Thank you for reading the post! Isn’t Anita wonderful to host the French party?


  23. deana says:

    I just love gargoyles… I think it’s because there were a few of them carved in my grandparent’s crazy old house around the fireplaces. They are wicked and delightful at the same time. Looks like you had fun touring the city. Lovely Anita did a marvelous job with the party. It’s been great virtually meeting so many wonderful bloggers.


  24. nicole says:

    Thanks for taking us along on this sensational journey! SO beautiful…I hope to go one day!! And your blog is outstanding!!! I’m looking forward to following along!!!


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